New Survey Opportunities!

opportunityHey gang! Big news about a new type of survey opportunity available right now!  But first, do you say “opporTOOnity” or “opporTYOOnity?” Why is that important? It’s NOT!

Anyway… let’s start with a recap.  The surveys you know and love have a new name: MindField Premier. With MindField Premier, you will enjoy the same 5 to 10 opportunities per week out of the typical flow of 15 to 20 surveys we have going at all times depending on the various targeting methods such as specific geography, ethnicity, age, etc.  Basically, nothing changes – it just has a name now.

Why? To differentiate between a NEW type of opportunity!

MindField Global, as we are calling it, is new. It refers to surveys commissioned by a new batch of clients – clients that could be anywhere in the world, with surveys on a whole range of topics. With MindField Global, we hope to add 100+ opportunities per week on a wide variety of topics across the general panel population. MindField Global is active right now on your Member Home page. Just log in (you may have to complete a few security questions) and give it a try!

What’s the catch? Well, it’s one that you’re used to, on a slightly larger scale. You are accustomed to acting fast and getting in on a survey before the quota fills. Same here but, along with “competing” with other MindField panelists, you are competing with panelists with other survey companies. Also, by offering a far greater number of available surveys, Global opportunities may offer a slightly lower incentive compared to Premier opportunities, which will continue to maintain the standard incentive ratio.

More news, this time regarding Notifications: MindField Online encourages everyone to login DAILY to take advantage of all of these opportunities.  Our goal is to limit the amount of emails you receive as more people login.  We will then send Survey Cloud updates every 3 to 4 days.  We will also be sending mobile and Facebook reminders to login and take advantage in the near future.  This will help us – and you – to cut down on the number of emails sent and received.  So, now you have your own personal Survey Cloud that has replaced the Live Now! panel on your Member Home page.

The name of the game is INCREASED OPPORTUNITY. You have been hollering for it, and MindField heard you!

So that’s the news. Any questions about MindField Premier? MindField Global? Survey Clouds? OpporTOOnity vs. opporTYOOnity? Let us know, and we will do our best to answer them. In the meantime, enjoy the new surveys!

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