Organic Food Skeptics

usda_organic_mediumBefore we begin, I am just starting a conversation here…

A recent poll found that, by and large, consumers were skeptical about the benefits of organic food and not eager to pay more for it.  In fact, the survey found that 59% of consumers believe labeling a food as “organic” is simply an excuse to charge more for it. Consumer Affairs

Now, that may be true or not. There are a LOT of health conscious consumers out there, and a lot of well-meaning vendors trying to serve them. But, even if organic food DOES provide greater health benefits than, well, whatever you call non-organic foods, this article suggests that the whole system is very much under-regulated and under-policed. “Where the food comes from” seems to be the biggest question.

 “It’s one thing to go out and find a farmer and buy directly but if you go to Whole Foods and buy something that’s certified organic, it could be from Turkey. You don’t know if it’s safe. How do you know that the farmer didn’t use Round-Up, that he didn’t cheat, that there weren’t human feces in his fields? (Editor’s note: that’s gross.)  Consumer Affairs

So, a bunch of people think that the organic thing is a waste of money and effort. A bunch of other people completely swear by organic. What do YOU think? Let us know at the MindField Online Facebook page. And have a great weekend!

One thought on “Organic Food Skeptics”

  1. the organic food industry is huge . with the rising health care costs and the push to live and east healthier it stands to reason that companies want a share in the market . labeling foods/products as healthy is a selling tool .there are many foods now days that are indeed good for you and deserve the label. there are many that are not so good for you and do deserve the label . we really can not be sure of how when or where products come from and processed unless we grow or make them ourselves . technology has not really helped the true “organic” label through the years . just think about it. in the 1800’s most everything we ate was organic because they did not have chemicals in the feed and fertilizers they used . now days with mass production almost everything has something man made in the processing of products on every level. does anyone recall the mad cow disease? it is a result of technology and science at its worst . i think these types of diseases are only going to get more common as time goes on. eventually organic might be unachievable

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