Outlaw Tipping?

tipsFor me, when it comes to leaving a tip, dining out can lead to stressing out. There are so many factors. Like, service was poor, but I still have to leave 15%? What if the service was competent, but not particularly friendly? Or friendly but incompetent? Or, it was both friendly AND competent – so how high do I go?

Part of my confusion is that I never worked in the service (or  hospitality) industry. Someone who HAS, however, has written an article in Esquire entitled “Why Tipping Should Be Outlawed.”

The friendships I’ve formed with restaurant employees over the years have made me think seriously about why hospitality workers are singled out among America’s professionals to endure a pass-the-hat system of compensation. Why should a server’s pay depend upon the generosity – not to mention dubious arithmetic skills – of people like me?

The author lists a few reasons. Here are the highlights:

  • People don’t even understand what a tip is
  • Doctors don’t live on tips. Nor do flight attendants
  • The percentage basis makes no sense
  • Better service doesn’t actually beget better tips
  • It perpetuates racism and sexism
  • Smart people have been trying to end the tipping practice for a century

These are solely the opinion of the author, and he/she gives plenty of reasoning behind the bullet points, so check out the original piece.

Any hospitality workers out there, past or present? What do you think? Leave your opinion here or at the Facebook page. And have a great first weekend of the summer!

3 thoughts on “Outlaw Tipping?”

  1. i eat out often and always leave a tip . the amount i leave is depending on the quality of service . i do not give any thought about percentages or what is the expected amount . i just give a couple dollars for breakfast and lunch. usually i will leave 5 or ten dollars when i eat dinner in any type of full service restaurant .

  2. doctors and flight attendants make good money. waitress and waiters do not. most of them don’t even work for minumum wages, they count on their tips. This also gives them a reason to give good service.

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