Lose Weight Get Paid!


Or, just the opposite! Sometimes we need a little incentive to change our habits. In this instance, it’s cold hard cash!

Researchers followed 100 Mayo Clinic employees over the course of a year as they took educational classes on how to eat healthy and lose weight. They were broken up into several groups – some of which got financial incentives to shed the pounds and others that just got the classes.  CNN.com

What they found is that the people getting cash incentives lost around 9 pounds on average in the course of the year, vs. the info-only folks who lost 2.

Programs like this are not exactly new. “About 86% of large employers are already offering some kind of financial incentives to help employees reach their health goals,”  (CNN again.)

Here employees who lost received $20. BUT, if they gained, they owed $20. This is effective for two reasons. Reward is nice, but reward and penalty together are even more effective. Second, these types of programs can get really expensive. Losers helped pay the winners in this case, and helped keep the cost of the program lower for the company.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you done this at your  company? Did it work? Read the original piece, and let us know!

6 thoughts on “Lose Weight Get Paid!”

  1. to me . health goals are much more than weight loss. i think that or society is to focused on weight loss being connected to health issues. i am at the perfect weight for my age and height and i know people that are 20 pounds over what the numbers for them are . they are just as healthy as i am . i think companies have to be very careful that they do not discriminate because of weight , thin ice comes to mind when toying with weight issues in the work place . lawyers are just waiting for people to call about lawsuits for discrimination. i like the way the above was handled as a competition rather than straight out telling employees they need to lose weight . still think our society is to consumed with status, especially in the workplace

  2. No i have never done this . and i would be willing to diet if they were giving me a product to try for the weigh loss but i wouldnt be interested in paying if i gain because it wouldnt be my fault if the product didnt work.

  3. I agree with that it was a smart strategy on the company because with lowering peoples weight will help with insurance companies along with having the workers feel better about themselves. Which I believe will have a better outcome when it comes to performance at work. If my job offered this, I would join. I think it is a good motivation strategy to help because who doesnt 1, love money and doesnt want to lose money and 2 feel better about themselves.

  4. This reward for losing weight ann then losing the reward if you had gained weight, is a billaint idea, really sets off in a different light when it comes to dieting and weight lose.

  5. I believe they can be a good starting motivator but need more to back it up for it stay with them long term once the money is spent. Finding the high from feeling good about being healthly and just feeling better inside and out.

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