Will You Miss Them When They’re Gone?

These brands, that is. Face it, even in the best of times, things change, and brands die. And these are hardly the best of times. So analysts are looking into their crystal balls to see who is on their way out.

Each year, 24/7 Wall St. identifies 10 important American brands that we predict will disappear within a year. This year’s list reflects the brutally competitive nature of certain industries and the reason why companies cannot afford to fall behind in efficiency, innovation or financing.  24/7 Wall St.com

Companies get hurt by bad management, big losses, a shrinking market…the list goes on and on. So who is on deathwatch for 2012?

  • Research In Motion: the BlackBerry guys. No shocker.
  • Pacific Sunwear: ran out of dough
  • Avon: fierce competition, bad management
  • MetroPCS: Wireless carrier I have never heard of!
  • Oakland Raiders: will be around, but probably NOT around Oakland!
  • Salon.com: one of those websites everybody talks about but few visit.
  • Suzuki: getting pushed out of small, cheap car market by Hyundai
  • Current TV: see Salon.com
  • Talbot’s: hurt by recession, competition from Ann Taylor and Limited
  • American Airlines: rash of mergers in the airline biz, and AA got left behind.

There are several on this list you probably don’t care about. But please don’t tell my wife about Talbot’s! And I’m not sure if it’s still America without Avon!

What do you think? Will you miss any of these brands? Let us know. And have a great weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Will You Miss Them When They’re Gone?”

  1. it is sad that so many decent companies are going under since the meltdown .
    America is changing and businesses and consumers are feeling like we are lost . uncertainty is in everyone’s minds as of late .
    it seems like the gov. really doesn’t care about the economy , or they just don’t know what to do about it .
    the whole “globalization” era we are in is still shaking out and America is in for even more hard times . when businesses like Avon are going under then we are in trouble .

  2. Several of the companies listed have lost the true “customer service” that should stand not behind but next to their products! In all my years as a consumer I feel very strongly about this lack of. I myself executed (with alot of support) my own “small business” for 16 years before i retired/ relocated and could not have been sucessful by standing right there WITH my product!

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