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Here at, we post twice a week on topics related to the MindField Online member experience. We also pick up on various consumer-related topics from around the web like saving money, avoiding ripoffs, tax-time tips, etc. and pass them along to you.

Sometimes it’s easier than others for your humble blogger to come up with ideas. So once in a while – that is, we did it once, and it’s been a while – we like to ask if you have any ideas for blog topics.  More consumer stuff? Articles about mobile retail? Saving for retirement? Finding the right daycare? Or maybe questions about MindField Online? Maybe even a question about MindField about something other than qualifying?

So leave a comment below, and give us your thoughts! And have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Topics, Anyone?”

  1. i really would like to see eveyones feelings on the rising cost of food .it seems that food prices are out of control and in the current economic state of the nation i am surprised that there has not been more talk about what to do about it

    1. .. . It is really making me sick. I have fallen victim to what I call “Grocery Shoppers’ Stress Blindness” — GSSB.
      .. . I used to go to the store to buy groceries for a week and, because of the economy, for several years I have been buying basically the same store-brand dinner items that are always on sale, or the best bargain.
      .. . About a year ago I became ‘stoopified’ by the prices of the usual ‘best bargains.’ My vision became blurred and I began to experience vertigo, and then nauseousness. I found myself pacing up and down the aisles looking only at the price tags and not the food.
      .. . I could not see the food, only the price tags. After awhile, I didn’t even know what aisle I was in. I concluded a week’s shopping with only about five items for a poorly planned meal that night — 10 for $10 items, like potato chips, Swanson TV dinner, store brand cookies and tomato sauce.
      .. . GSSB happened a few more times last year and eventually I was treated for vertigo, then I had to get new glasses, then treated for seasonal depression (SAD) and anxiety. I’m not right, yet, but I have an appt w/ a shrink next month.
      .. . I hate grocery shopping (always have, really), so I’ve learned to be satisfied with whatever I can get for free at the food pantry, like rice, tomato sauce and old bread.
      .. . I have no solution to the high prices of groceries, or the economy. But the mental health of our society is suffering because of it.

  2. in this economy y charge a person 1st, last and security? that is extremely difficult 4 some people 2 come up with, 4 example, rent $950. that totals $2850…who has that amount of money and, needless, 2 say the people that are poverty level. thats like saying “no money go live under a bridge”!

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