Extreme Measures for Extreme Couponers?

We talked a while back about the Extreme Coupon trend currently sweeping the land. Now, it seems like retailers are tightening their policies.

Supermarkets have a delicate balance to maintain: They don’t want to alienate their coupon-loving customers, but they also don’t want to disappoint non-extreme shoppers who can’t buy sale items because some (extreme couponer) has just emptied the entire shelf. Time.com

What are the stores doing to frustrate Extremes? Well, one lady figured out a way to get chocolate milk for free – plus an 11-cent bonus. So she bought 34 of them! Wal-Mart made her purchase all 34 individually. 34 transactions, 34 receipts, 34 hands full of pennies! Meanwhile, Kroger’s is moving to prevent you from “stacking”…that is, combining paper and online coupons for the same item.

So, are you an Extreme-r? Have you experienced any pushback from the retailers? Tell us about it! You can read the original Time article here.

5 thoughts on “Extreme Measures for Extreme Couponers?”

  1. I think stores should put limits on sales items to prevent clearouts by extremists. Either that or not allow coupons on sale items, like retailers do.

  2. I am not crazy like the woman on tv but YES when i see a good deal i go after it. AND Your info is not correct “stacking” does NOT mean a paper coupon and an online coupon IT means a manufactures and a store coupon that you combine you CAN”T combine two mani coupons just because one came from the paper and one came from online. So you may want to revise your story.

  3. I will admit that over the years I have been able to purchase a few items that I actually made money on. However, that was ONE item at a time. In my area (South Jersey), grocery stores allow you to use coupons on sale items, but the amount of the product you can get for the sale price usually has a limit. If you buy more than the limit, you pay the regular price. I do think that policy is a good one. It ensures there will be enough stock for every shopper to take advantage of the sale. I have seen a few of the extreme couponer shows with rooms filled with jars of spaghetti sauce, etc. It’s doubtful all of those products will be used before their expiration date. Hopefully, many are donated to food banks so they don’t go to waste.

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