No Time for Lunch?

The statistics are as depressing as this picture!

Here’s one to ponder over your lunch break…assuming you still TAKE a lunch!

Maybe it’s the pressure to look busy. Maybe there are three of you in the place doing the work that FIVE used to do. But fewer and fewer of us are taking lunch breaks. And those breaks are often shorter, and we tend to work while we eat! Here, according to an article on, are some not-very-appetizing statistics…

  • In a 2011 study, only 35% of US say they almost always take a lunch break. A previous study in 2010 had it at 50%.
  • 65% either eat at their desk or don’t take lunch breaks at all.
  • 40% of corporate executives brownbag their lunches. 19% eat at a sit-down restaurant.  17% get fast food.
  • Among female executives, 57% said they brought their lunch from home, compared to 36% of males.

The article points out a bit of irony – we think we are being more productive this way, when actualy pushing away from the desk would improve our mood, clear our heads and boost energy! How about you? Still doing lunch? Same as always? Shorter? Eating at the computer?  Read the rest of the article here.

4 thoughts on “No Time for Lunch?”

  1. I sometimes even eat my breakfast in front of my computer. If I do take lunch it would only be a quick snack. Would this not also contribute to the obesity of the nation, irregular eating patterns. Especially those that skip lunch, get home late and then over eat just before going to bed?

  2. though i do not work as an executive ,i do work construction .
    i rown a very small general contracing business.i will tell you that if you do not eat lunch then you are not nearly as productive in the second half of the day.often you take short cuts and your mood changes much more quickly.our bodies and minds are like any other machine if we run out of fuel then we do not run

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