End of the World Markdowns!

The consumer site Dealnews.com has done some research and found a bunch of items that should actually come down in price in 2012.  End of the World closeouts, I imagine! So, check ‘em out!

  • Apple iPad 2: The 3 is coming, so expect Apple to drop prices on the 2 just to clear the shelves.
  • Wine: Due to the economy, the distributors see all of those $30 bottles gathering dust on the shelf!
  • Desktop Replacement Laptops: Ones that don’t need to take such a beating as the truly on-the-go models, but mostly sit on your desk. Some are as low as $350 right now!
  • Android Tablets: The low price of the Kindle fire is spurring the other guys into action.
  • Car Rentals: Less travel means more cars sitting on the lot and tougher competition.
  • Standalone GPS Units: Smartphones are killing this business, so expect the prices to drop.
  • Media Streamers: Now that Blu-ray players are starting to feature streaming, guys like Roku will have to get more competitive with their pricing.
  • 3D HDTVs: Because they are too dang expensive and nobody wants them!
  • Home Prices: Great for buyers, bad for sellers!

I don’t know about you, but I am going to take advantage of these Apocalyptic savings in 2012. There are more listed in the article, so give it a read. And have a great weekend, MindField-ers!!