Qualifying for Surveys, Revisited

If you are a member of MindField Online Internet Panels – or any other reputable survey company – you know that it can be hard to qualify for surveys at times. Sometimes you respond to an invitation, begin to answer some of the background questions and, before you know it, the survey has “kicked you out.” That can be a bummer, and you have probably wondered why it happens. Today, we will try to explain.

We wrote that blog post about 10 months ago, referred people back to it from time to time, and eventually we made its own dedicated page. We wanted it to be permanently on display, because we know that Qualifying is an important topic, and often a sore subject.

As we say, MindField Online has a responsibility to get our members as many survey opportunities as we can. We also have a responsibility to our clients to get them good, detailed, usable data. Qualifying is where those two concerns meet.

So, we invite you to read the page, “Bringing Clarity to Online Survey Qualification” once again. You’ll learn more about the how and why of qualifying, as well as a few tips on improving your chances at completing more surveys.

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