Steve Jobs Passes the Torch

Steve Jobs will be remembered as the Edison of mobile: his numerous Apple products have impacted the work, home and play lives of hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide.  …

People weren’t exactly stunned by this week’s news about Steve Jobs. His health has been a long-running concern for the past several years. The day when he would take a big step back in the day-to-day operations at Apple had to come eventually, and so it has.

Mobile Marketer pulled together a bunch of quotes from industry types about Steve Jobs’ influence on personal computing, entertainment, marketing…it goes on and on! Here are some highlights:

With the iPhone, Steve Jobs reimagined what the smartphone could be and ushered in a new level of sophistication in mobile marketing.

Before Steve Jobs, mobile phones were about making phone calls with a few peripheral features. Now, voice calls are the peripheral feature.

He knew he could get people excited about products they didn’t know they wanted and almost certainly don’t need.

…he has turned Apple Computer around to become just Apple – the leading consumer technology brand in the world.

He did this not because he’s a great developer, engineer or even product designer, but because he’s probably the greatest marketer and showman in technology.

He provided true market leadership that not only transformed Apple but forced all of their competitors to innovate.

I might even say, that aside from Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin, there might not have been a more significant contributor to changing so many aspects of our world.

Those are some highlights. There are plenty more quotes HERE.   So what do you think? Is Steve Jobs a genius? A master showman? Completely overrated? Have his products “changed your life?” Let us know!

2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Passes the Torch”

  1. It is sad to see him go but I think Apple will be fine. He has set a good foundation that they can continue to build on. He will be involved as much as he can in other ways as his health will allow. He is definitely a master showman and genius…..He has to be a genius to be able to take the company to where it is today….if he was just all show he wouldn’t have been successful this long, I’m not an apple user but am excited to see what they will have to offer in the future. Apple definitely keeps the other companies on their toes!

  2. “Apple definitely keeps the other companies on their toes!” good point… there was a quote in the article: You think there would be an Android if not for Apple?

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