All About the Cashout!

Have you ever wondered how the MindField Online cashout process works? Mind if we tell you anyway?

MindField Online bean-counters collect all of your cashout requests throughout the week. Then, first thing Monday we process them and either send you a check, deposit into your PayPal account, or send you an redemption code via email.

Now, the option is pretty new, and it’s proven to be pretty popular! So, it’s taken us a couple of weeks to get a good, smooth system down for processing those requests.  But here we are! As of Monday, August 22, all cashout requests will be up-to-date, and will be processed weekly just like the checks and PayPal requests.

Once again, an cashout will come as a form letter with a redemption code number delivered via email from [email protected].

We hope you are enjoying the new cashout options. More MindField innovations will be coming your way in the future!

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