MindField/Facebook Integration: The Future is Now!

In the past few years, email has managed to kill the notion of writing letters, licking stamps and walking to the mailbox. Today, the Postal Service is primarily bank statements and junk mail. And experts say that’s the future of email too, to be replaced by social media like Facebook.

So, MindField is getting a jump on things – and making life more convenient for you – by allowing you to integrate your account with your Facebook profile page!

When you link your MindField account with your Facebook page:

  • You can access Live Studies directly from your log-in page as well as your email, so you get more survey opportunities!
  • You can access your account without the need to log in
  • You get up-to-the-minute notification of new credits posted to your account
  • You get “Cashout Threshold Reached” notifications with one-click access for processing
  • Refer a Friend goes social, so your friends can join MindField from the link on your Facebook profile page – and you get credit!
  • You get access to Facebook-only surveys, product tests and ongoing forums
  • And, coming soon: Facebook credits from Cashout

This is NOT required. You can keep things the way they are, but we really think you’ll want to integrate your accounts to enjoy all the cool conveniences!

So here’s what you do: go to your normal login page at the MindField website. You will see a Facebook login button. Click it, and then log into Facebook. Allow the permissions, then login to your MindField account. That’s it – your accounts are integrated and you can immediately begin taking advantage of the Facebook only benefits!

The future is here today, and ONLY from MindField Online Internet Panels! For more info, check out our MF/FB Integration FAQ Page !

8 thoughts on “MindField/Facebook Integration: The Future is Now!”

  1. minefield you guys and your surveys are the greatest. i have earned money like never befor. always have a little money in my pocket thanks to you even at a 1 dollar a survery. i have tested and given my oppinion on a variaty of products. you send out our money quickly after cashout. the staff is very helpful when you got a problem. just cant say enough about you all.now you gotten ahead of everyone else. way to go. good job.

  2. Love the internet panels. It is so much smarter than in person groups! The amount of gas saved by having a session on line compared to at a facility has got to be an amazing number!
    Lowering your carbon footprint is something we all must do. Thanks for the opportunities.

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