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11 Dumb Things Our Teens are Up To

Actually, one of the less dangerous things on the list!

A while back we did a post about Salvia and bath salts, two things kids have managed to turn into drugs. Now, another article has come along with a bunch more terrifying things today’s bored kids are getting up to.

The latest teen trends make the underage drinking games of yesterday look like child’s play. Here’s an inside peek at some of the dangerous things teenagers are doing today … and that they will never tell you about.  ParentSociety.com

Here is the brief boildown…

11) Planking (see picture): Lots of injuries, at least one death.

10) Vodka Eyeballing: Pretty much what it sounds like. Could cause retinal scarring or blindness.

09) The Choking Game: Cutting off oxygen to the brain, then a rush of breath, causing a brief high.

08) Vodka Gummy Bears: Again, just what it sounds like.

07) Smoking Smarties: Seriously? Like smoking bath salts, I guess, but sweeter!

06) Alcohol Tampons: Yep. And it’s not just girls.

05) Distilling Purel into alcohol: They say to switch to the foamy kind.

04) Car Surfing (see picture): Thanks, Teen Wolf!

Jedi-level car surfing

03) Purple Drink: Sprite, Jolly Ranchers and codeine cough syrup. Yum!

02) ChatRoulette.com: Internet video chat room. Easy to access, anonymous and with barely any filtering or rules.

01) Bath Salts: Our old friend is still number 1!

What do these things have in common, other than making parents wet themselves in terror?  They are all about two clicks away on the internet. Which is not an argument for web censorship, but a suggestion that we all get familiar with our kids’ web habits. Food for thought!