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Last Minute Tax Reduction Tips

2010-year-end-tax-tips-landlords-250x250I know we’re all distracted by Holiday shopping madness, but it’s never too soon to start looking for ways to reduce your 2013 income tax obligation. You only have 3 weeks left to make adjustments!

Things like deferring income until the new year, making charitable donations, pre-paying next year’s college tuition, and maxing out your IRA and HSA contributions are all legitimate ways to cut your tax bill. For a more comprehensive list of tax ideas, I went on a little Google search. Here is a list of links that will get you started.

And, just in case you miss the boat, there’s always next year!

Of course, you should definitely consult with your tax professional before doing this. That’s if you can catch him – he’s probably out Christmas shopping!

How about you? Have you used any of these techniques? Did you save much? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page!