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Net Neutrality and You

The new “Net Neutrality” rules were approved yesterday by the FCC. Depending on who you listen to, this is either best thing ever or the absolute end of the world. As best I can figure, these new rules prevent your internet service provider (ISP) from doing bad things A, B and C. Not that they WERE doing those things, but in case they were THINKING about doing them, now they can’t. So…Yay?

I’m not one who says “Let’s regulate all the things!!” So, I am understandably wary. But in the interest of public service – and because I earn my living mostly on the Web – I attempted to figure out what this is all supposed to mean.neutYeah, so there’s Google’s definition. In general, the idea seems to be that we will now start treating Internet service less like premium cable TV, and more like the electric or water utility companies. Again, I have never noticed my ISP excluding me from sites, or charging more for others…but your mileage may vary.

So, here are a few useful links to explain Net Neutrality. I have tried to present both sides, because CONTROVERSY. Enjoy…?

So, do you have an opinion on Net Neutrality? Will it affect you or your job? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and have a great weekend!