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Money-saving Grocery Ideas!


First, read ‘em and weep: the average rise in food prices lately.

  • Beef: +7% (over last year’s all-time high!)
  • Pork: +7%
  • Lettuce: +34%
  • Packaged Salads: +13%

And just to rub it in, if Iraq goes down the drain, we will be looking back fondly on a $3.60 gallon of gas!

As for food, the culprits are too much rain in some places, drought in others and animal diseases, apparently. What can you do about it? Well, money blog LearnVest has some ideas, the bullet points of which I am happy present…

  1. Make Wednesday your food shopping night
  2. Stock up during deep-discount periods
  3. Forgo the packaging
  4. Know when not to shop organic
  5. Buy the whole cow. (They call it cow-pooling. That cracks me up!)
  6. DIY your produce (i.e., grow your own.)
  7. Buy in season
  8. Join community-supported agriculture (CSA) groups. (Hippie nonsense, or real money saver? YES.)
  9. Consider frozen foods
  10. Buy in bulk

As usual, lots (tons!) more information at the original piece, so do yourself a favor! How about YOU? Feeling the pinch? Are these good tips? Got any to share? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page!

Saving on Groceries!

Last week, we fished around for some blog ideas from our MindField family. One idea seemed particularly popular: rising food prices.

A big factor in rising food prices is rising gas prices. With diesel fuel at $4.00 a gallon, it just takes more resources to get your food from the field to the table. What can we do about that? In the short term, not much.

So, what can you do to save some money and STILL eat well, without switching to Vienna sausage and Kost Kutter Kanned Kreamed Korn? WebMD has listed 10 tips. Here, as we say, are the bullets:

  1. Buy produce in season. Ever grow a tomato plant? You wait and wait, and then BANG! You have more tomatoes than you can give away. Same deal here. In season, they are priced to move.
  2. Use sales and coupons. You know how you (and by You, I mean Me) mock that lady in the store with her thick binder of coupons? Stop doing that.
  3. Brown-bag it. Ever go to Panera or Atlanta Bread for lunch and, no matter what you order, you spend $9.00? Stinks, right?
  4. Think frozen, canned, or dried. You may not know it, but most of these items are processed at the peak of their freshness and nutritional value.
  5. Save on protein foods. To quote Modern Family, “I AM spontaneous…‘eggs for dinner’ was MY idea!”
  6. Waste not, want not. Did you know that Americans produce over 30 million tons of food waste every year? We are awesome that way!
  7. Go generic. Remember what I said about Kost Kutter Kanned Kreamed Korn? Forget it.
  8. Buy prepackaged only if you need it. That pre-washed Bag o’Salad is convenient, but you’re paying for that convenience.
  9. Buy and cook in bulk. Sam’s? Costco? If you have a big family, it might be worth the $100/year to join.
  10. Plant a garden. And plan on shooting squirrels. I hate how they take one bite of a tomato, ruining it, and then remember that they don’t like tomatoes!

There’s a lot more information at the original article, so check it out! What about you? Any suggestions?

(photo: dreamstime.com)