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To Cash or Not to Cash?

Yep. All singles. Sigh....
Yep. All singles. Sigh….

Quick question: who still carries cash? I don’t mean that you have a twenty for emergencies, but that cash is your primary way of getting around. My wife is the “20 for an emergency” type, while I am cash. I will whip out the debit card for $80 worth of groceries, or the AmEx for Sunday brunch, but that’s so I don’t use up my precious cash! (Though, at brunch, I almost always leave the tip in cash.)

Is it generational? I worked at a place where I was a good (!) 15 years older than the rest, and NONE of them carried cash. Is it gender? My wife would NEVER carry as much cash as I do. Is it convenience? Our bank has very few branches, and getting to the ATM is a drag, so I never come away with less than $100.

At any rate, money guru Dave Ramsey has compiled a list of the pros and cons of carrying cash.

Pros include:

  • If you’re on a strict budget, and you see your cash dwindling, it helps you spend less.
  • Cash can give you bargaining power on a purchase.
  • Convenience, of course. And others

As for the Cons of cash:

  • If it gets stolen, it’s GONE.
  • It’s bulky and messy. (My wife marvels at the way a piece of paper with 4 corners and 2 sides can somehow be crammed 97 different ways in my wallet!)
  • It’s useless online, which is becoming a primary way we shop. And others

So, cash or no cash? What do YOU do? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page, and have a great weekend!