St. Patrick’s Day Spending 2016

st pats

One measure of how much a particular holiday depends on PARTYING is reflected in this chart. Under the title “Celebrating by Age,” we see that 73% of us between the ages of 18-24 let ‘er rip on St. Patrick’s Day. That number goes steadily down until, at age 65, it reaches 35%. It’s clearly Youthful Energy times Alcohol Tolerance divided by Recovery Time Needed. It’s MATH, people!

Another sign of the times? Even though the economy continues to struggle, our spending on St. Patrick’s Day – and the One Thing it is known for – continues to rise.

So, let’s get in the spirit by checking our wallet and seeing how much is in there. Net thing you know, it will be Friday, and that wallet will be empty except for a bar napkin with the phone number of a guy or girl you don’t remember meeting.

According to the National Retail Federation

  • 125 million Americans will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  • That’s 52% of us
  • $4.4 billion will be spent in the US
  • We will spend an average of $35.37 per person
  • Biggest spenders? 25-34’s will spend $42.58 per person
  • 82% will wear green
  • #4… St. Patrick’s Day rank as a “drinking holiday,” behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and the 4th of July

So there’s the tale of the tape – cash register tape, that is. What are YOUR plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Calm reflection or wild celebration? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page. Whatever you do, stay safe!

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