Black Friday Predictions 2014

ID-100198089Black Friday conjures up widely differing images in people, from absolute dread to necessary evil to a whole lot of fun. (I never tire of hearing about my sister-in-law, who drags her mother and sisters along in the family camper and sleeps overnight in the Kohl’s parking lot!)

But it seems that too many people are giving up on the Black Friday tradition, despite the deals that can be had. So the retailers are responding in a number of ways. According to, retailers have a bag of 13 or so tricks to keep the madness fresh this year. Here are some highlights:

  • More Black Friday Ad Sneak Peeks
  • More Stores Will Offer Guaranteed Doorbusters
  • Stores Will Be Better Staffed
  • Credit Card Info Will be Guarded Like Never Before
  • More Stores Will Offer Discounted Shipping
  • Mainstream Laptops Will Pack Better Hardware at Lower Prices
  • To Compete With Amazon, More Retailers Will Price Match
  • You’ll See More Tablet Deals Than Ever Before
  • Black Friday Will See Excellent Toy Deals

Again, just some bullets. Lots more info at the original piece.

More powerful, cheaper laptops appeal to me, as I attempt to drag my wheezing machine across the finish line (which is 52 days away!!) What deals are you looking for on Black Friday? Do these changes sound good? Have any other ideas? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook Page!