Undervalued Dad?

As I recall, we got mom EIGHT sliders…

An article out today asks the question, “Are American dads undervalued?” Meaning, is Father’s Day less important than Mother’s Day? It goes on to answer “yes,” and then tries to make a very big deal out of it. Frankly, I don’t know any dads who are offended by this.

The numbers do make the case, however. A survey by the National Retail Federation sampled over 6000 people regarding their Father’s Day spending for 2014. Check it out…

  • $12.5 billion – The total amount spent for Father’s Day
  • $20 billion – The total amount spent for Mother’s Day
  • $113.80 – Amount spent on each dad (husband, grandpa, etc.)
  • $162.94 – Amount spent on each mom (wife, grandma, etc.)

You can read the rest of the report HERE.

So, yeah, we spend more on mom. Why do you think this is? Does this mean we “undervalue” dad? Do you think dad is offended by this? Would YOU be? Let us know over at the MindField online Facebook page, and Happy Father’s Day!