Ups and Downs in 2014, el parte uno

16082265-incremento-de-los-precios-ilustracion-diseno-sobre-fondo-blancoPrices, that is. The folks at Money Talks News have put out their annual list of items expected to get more expensive in 2014.  Let’s check out some highlights (with bonus dumb commentary!)

Going UP in 2014

Wine: Bad weather wrecks the French industry. Will wine snobs stoop to drinking Spanish wine? I’m on pins and needles!!

Getting a GED: In some places, the cost will TRIPLE. (Meanwhile, they cut costs, cut staff and most of it is done on computer now.) They must be pretty confident that you ain’t knowin’ math good.

Chipotle: Well, tree-huggers, you wanted organic, sustainable and locally sourced. Time to pay up.

Milk: Doesn’t it seem like every year they say that “milk prices are going to double or triple this year!?”  Not gonna happen, but prices WILL go up.

Stamps: Hilarious. “We have just approved a temporary one-cent increase. And by temporary we mean permanent. And by one cent we mean three.”

Luxury cars: The BMW M5 is going up by $2,000? Guess my 1982 Ford Pinto will have to last one more year…

McDonald’s Dollar Menu: The McDouble is $1.29 now. This made me sooo mad!

The Olympics: You know what’s more expensive than staging the stupid Olympics? Getting killed in a terrorist attack at the stupid Olympics. Pass.

Next time, we will hear some GOOD news about 2014 prices. And of course, MUCH more items and insights at the original article so blah, blah, blah. How about you? We don’t all drive a BMW M5, but we DO all drink milk! What items are going up in your world? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page!

2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs in 2014, el parte uno”

  1. Milk !
    Who says every body drinks Milk ? I sure dont i can’t stand it ! I used to drink Milk in Germany were i grew up ! With Sugar and Milk in it , but since i was in the US ARMY in 62-63 nothing but Black thats what iam sticking with !

  2. BMW ? Who can afford a BMW living on Soc Sec this Days ? Its only for the rich anyway and were i live in northern Idaho the are no good for it anyway , i rather have a nice PU with 4 Wheel Drive in the Snow !

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