Cheap, Frugal or Both?

Get it?
Get it?

It’s kind of a slow consumer news day, other than the persistent economic gloom. So I thought we would surf the web for money saving ideas! See if any of these make sense for you and your family. Follow the links to savings! or something…

As a counterpoint: 5 Household Items Worth the Splurge

Also, a question: has the downturn “educated” us to the point that we no longer need coupons?Read: Coupon clipping declines as shoppers get savvier

What do you think? Any good tips here? Do you have any to share from your personal experience? Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Cheap, Frugal or Both?”

  1. honestly , i have found that there are some store brands that are acceptable in taste and price . like bread and some cereals along with paper goods .
    there are some good deals out there on name brands i subscribe to the daily deals thread and people always are posting great deals on all kinds of different products and services on there . the drug stores have great rewards programs and you can save money by watching the weekly flyers and the online sales they have . i also save on buying things i need for spring in the summer or fall when clearance sales are running. there is a ton of ways to save money .

  2. There are many ways to save $$. Using coupons is one way,but you must use them correctly. I sit down with the newspaper ad from my favorite store.
    then you compare your shopping list with what is on sale. if you do tis constantly you should be able to get everything ou want or need for less $$.
    Say you need toilet paper, If you got a good buy when it was on sale, you may not need to buy it today. this way you can over time have a good supply of your basics.. Then when something you love is on sale, you should be able to buy the steak or lobster, or any special item hat you want.

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