Return of the Robocall!

“Greetings, citizen. This is Marcy from Consumer Credit Counselors…”

This is something I haven’t thought of in forever, since I got rid of my landline. But apparently robocalling is back, big time.  Despite the big fuss, and the establishment of the “Do Not Call” registry…

Government figures show monthly robocall complaints have climbed from about 65,000 in October 2010 to more than 212,000 this April. More general complaints from people asking a telemarketer to stop calling them also rose during that period, from about 71,000 to 182,000.  Associated Press

Also, telemarketers are supposed to check the registry for Do Not Call requests each month, but…

…fewer telemarketers are checking the FTC list to see which numbers are off limits. In 2007, more than 65,000 telemarketers checked the list. Last year, only about 34,000 did so.  Associated Press

Part of the problem is that certain types of calls are exempt from the ban, like political calls (awfully good of the politicians to exclude those!), calls for charities, and informational calls (like the airline calling to tell you that your flight is delayed.) What the scammers do is start the call as a charity, then switch to a pitch for “learn how to clean up your credit rating!”

Also, technology is making the law obsolete. Spoof calls hide their true telephone numbers so that when you try to report them, or call them back, you get nothing.

So, what to do? I still get these calls from time to time on my cellphone. My policy is, if I don’t recognize the number, I don’t answer it. They can leave a message or not. Second, there is a website I use,, where you can type in the phone number and see if there are any complaints. Also, be careful whenever you sign up for, well, anything on the web. There are often little stipulations like “May we contact you at inconvenient times to tell you about useless products and services?” Finally, you can always complain to the FTC, which I am sure is super-effective. They are at or (888) 382-1222.

So, how about you? Are you in the Registry? Do you still get these calls? How do you handle it?


4 thoughts on “Return of the Robocall!”

  1. We get these daily on our home phone. We just don’t answer. We are thinking of getting cheap cell phones and change them when we start getting these kinds of calls on those numbers. Because eventually someone will find you. My son, has no credit cards, no bills. He still gets the calls on his cell. He’s not nice about it when they call him 😉

  2. I get so fed up with thos tete. calls specaily the one that calls over and over even after I ask the to take me off thier list and inform them I am on the do not call list, so I just ask them to hold on and I put down the phone and go along with my day sooner or later they hang and wont call back.:.}.

    1. I love that Susie! I’ll have to do that sometime. I have allowed them to listen to the music I’m listening to at times. You can hear them in the backgroud, “HELLO,!!!

  3. i suggest that you put your kid othe phone when they call you know they like too talk your ears off.ithink when they call tell them too hold on and let your child get on the phone ad let tem hammertem with know th kids that like too ask why on everything.see how fast they hangup.

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