Restaurant Rant

Here’s a somewhat (very) lightweight after-holiday post. Top 10 consumer peeves about restaurants! Here are some of the ones that struck me. How many do you share?

Feed the kids! Everybody knows that hungry, cranky kids are a time bomb waiting to explode all over your good time. Something, anything, just get some food in them as soon as you sit down.

Plate timing: What’s the old rule? Knife and fork across the plate means I am done. Don’t yank it away too soon, and don’t leave it sit for the rest of the evening.

Attentive, not obnoxious: Ever try to have a conversation, and the server keeps interrupting? The tea is empty, so fill it. No need to ask EVERY time. Of course, the flip side to this is “Where is our waitress? Do you even remember what she looks like?”

Policy, schmolicy: Dumb stuff like they won’t seat you until the whole party has arrived. Or, there are only 3 tables being used, and they have to seat you right on top of each other. If it’s busy, or you are understaffed, I get it. Otherwise, you are just following rules for rules’ sake.

Can the commentary: “Wow! Looks like SOMEBODY was HUNGRY!” Seriously, just shut up.

There is a bunch more at the original article, as well as a friendly reminder that we, as the customer, also have some responsibilities. So check it out. Did they miss any?

3 thoughts on “Restaurant Rant”

  1. the only thing that bothers me at restaurants is when it takes 25 or 30 minutes to get your meal after you order . it seems like they just forget about you at times .

  2. I hate waiting for food for more than 30-35 minutes just to get part of your order and then your order isnt completely right. They still have to fix some of you order to complete it. Hopefullly you kids are acting age appropriate right now because everyone is getting really tired and really cranky about this entire mess up. Of course!!! No one wants to take the blame for your complete disaster of a very expensive meal by taking your entire family out to a nice restaurantI thought 5 star resa=staurabts were suopposr to be ju thwt not 1/2 star..

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