Great news for our 50+ Panelists!

Feel like you get fewer surveys as you get older? You’re not alone. But MindField Online is doing something about it! first, some background…

From time to time on the Facebook page and the MindFieldLive blog, we hear from older folks who suspect that they are receiving fewer survey invitations due to their age. Almost always they add, “This doesn’t make sense! Seniors have money, they buy things – don’t their opinions matter?”

Well, the situation may seem frustrating right now. But we are confident things are going to change. The Baby Boomers are aging, and the number of older folks is growing. The need for consumer research in the older segment is only going to increase. And that change just might be coming sooner than you think!

And, on that note….

Mindfield recently entered into a partnership and conducted two pilot tests combining product intent questions for eight different companies/manufacturers who have particular interest in this segment of the population. If continued efforts are successful, you should begin seeing renewed energy resulting in surveys for the mature market segment.

So, it’s a pilot test. An initial success we hope to build upon. In other words, a step in the right direction. We hope you agree, and we thank you for your membership, your participation, and your PATIENCE.

17 thoughts on “Great news for our 50+ Panelists!”

  1. Awesome! I hit the big 50 in about 3 weeks. I was afraid that surveys were going to slow way down. Great news!!

  2. not only do we spend money alot of grandparents are now raiseing there granchildren, things are tough out there for all concerned

  3. bad time to spend any money guys. business’s around here are folding fast. u ever heard of KODAK ??? there in bankrubtcy screwed all the employees by canceling retirements. mint huh ???? i don’t understand your thing here. i love doin your surveys ! i get one i do it right away. money ya man thanks for listening to me. take care gary

    1. yes i hear you gary, any survey i get i do as soon as i can also but as they pointed out there are not enough to qualify for, any money coming this way is well earned that is for sure. and yes i have heard of kodak and yes that is a lousy way to do you”re employees

  4. Fantastic! I will be 60 years old in about 6 months and was worried I would automatically be disqualified from numerous survey as I moved into the next age category. Although I don’t stand in line to be among the first to get the newest tech products, at this stage of my life I am buying more electronics, as well as other products, than I ever have. Parents, kids, grandkids….. our age group is buying for four generations.

  5. That’s great that Mindfield is providing us older individuals to vpoice our opinion as much as others. We have already been through the ringer and are wiser than the younger ones. I still purchase averything to anything, travel, dine out repeatedly, am into high tech. Even though I am old I still can voice my opinion. Thank you very much Mindfiled Online.

  6. Thank heaven. At 61 I thought I may be too old for most surveys and get kicked out.
    This is good news. We buy and use just as much if not more than the youngens.

  7. one thing to think of also….I’m turning 50 but have a 12 year old. Many of us older folk do have minor children in the home so don’t count us out for the surveys involving children. I’ll bet you will find quite a few of us older parents around.

  8. I totally agree with you. It seems that as soon a you enter your age and sex,
    you get the “sorry you did not qualify” message. I am glad that this is coming to the attention of manufactureres. Thank you for this information.

  9. new to this site…seems nice & interesting for a sem-retired R.N., with time on my hands, looking forward to this adventure & will pass it on to my members !!.. chairwomen concerned citizens committee, inc. miami,fla.

  10. I am very happy to see that the older group is at least being considered for more surveys. We do spend alot of money and buy many consumables. Companies don’t want to write us off yet! Thanks, Mindfield, for your consideration. I have always loved taking your surveys and doing the product tests.

  11. Being over 50 is an advantage to these survey sites because we have tried EVERTHING!!! Every new product out there we tried including baby products for our grandchildren. Our opinions are and recommendations should be considered.

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