Smart Shopping Habits for the New Year

January rolls around and we think about all the ways we can get our acts together when it comes to money. Speaking for myself, I tend to think big, about saving more or paying down debts, and I sometimes neglect the little things like my daily shopping habits.

On that note, here are some smart new shopping habits we can nurture in 2012, courtesy of the money page at US

Comparison Shopping Apps: Comparison shopping has never been easier with your smartphone. Comparison apps can help you choose which store to buy from or, in the case of Amazon, you may find a better deal online.

Facebook Deals: Every retailer and manufacturer these days tells you to “Like us on Facebook!” When you do, you often find Friends-only deals. Yes, it’s all a plot to get demographic info about you, but you might save a few bucks!

Local Daily Deal Sites: We are all familiar with the big deal sites like Groupon. Now, smaller local deal sites are becoming popular. Instead of a fancy meal or spa treatments, you might find deals more specific to your needs.

Become a Hoarder! Not really, but when you find a coupon for toilet paper or toothpaste or ketchup – stuff you use every day – max that sucker out and buy in bulk. You could save a bunch!

Read the Reviews: I don’t buy anything I tend to have for a while, like a camera or vacuum cleaner, without doing a bunch of research online.  Amazon is a good place to find reviews.

Be a receipt hawk: Usually, I can’t get out of Wal-Mart quickly enough. But if you have the patience, take a moment to check your receipt for mistakes or missed discounts before you leave. Sure beats having to make a return trip into the madness!

There are more details in the article, so check it out!

How about you? Any wise shopping habits you care to share?