Lost in the Mail?

Attention MindField Online Users:  Stand by for some highly technical yak having to do with email providers.  Do you use any of the following email providers?





If so, keep reading…

Some email providers tend to “rate limit” our emails frequently due to a number of reasons. This is in spite of our “white listing” provisions and your “double opt-in requirement.”  This means our emails to you are often delayed and sometimes never received.

What’s this mean to you? It means you miss survey opportunities and/or come into a study late – which makes your opportunity of qualifying more difficult.  If you are an email user of one the providers listed above and you ALSO have a secondary email, we would like to encourage you to log into your account and provide a different email for your MindField Account.  This will allow you to avoid any delays that may be created while they censor our sends.

6 thoughts on “Lost in the Mail?”

  1. I do use and pay for aol even thou I also have DSL. I seem to receive a fair amount of Mindfield surveys. But I do make sure that all my survey sites are on my allowed sites list. I just finished a 3 month project and I received all of those emails. Hope I’m not missing any.

    1. Thanks for the comment Debra. Many people have more than one email. Personally, I have Juno, Yahoo and Gmail. All we are saying is, if you have any of the ones listed above – AND you have a different one, then maybe switch your MindField account to the different one. If you DON’T have a different one, maybe switch. It takes about a minute to set up a Yahoo address. Thanks again!

  2. I have aol too. and I noticed that I get your surveys but it says quota filled a lot. Would this have to do with it? If so how do I use my other email. I have yahoo and gmail too…


    1. hi jennifer… you are getting them, but they might be delayed. so quotas might be getting filled while you are waiting. if you are concerned about this, then log in to your user profile at MindFieldOnline.com and change your official email to one of the other services. Good luck!

  3. My problem is that when I open my AOL e-mail from Mindfield, it say someone on my computer has already completed the survey. Not triue.

    1. I am not the tech guy (but the same guy from the facebook page.) couldn’t you switch to (for example) yahoo, then change your mindfield profile away from aol to yahoo?

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