Get Serious About Saving

dollarDid you know that this is “America Saves Week”? It’s the week set aside each year to examine our saving and spending habits, with an eye toward improving both. But it ain’t easy sometimes. As one article says:

Saving can feel overwhelming. We are struggling to pay all the bills each month, then some expert comes along and tells you that you need to have three to six months expenses in a savings account. It is easy to throw up your hands in frustration. Newsminer Alaska

But there are two important keys to beating that frustration: 1) Recognize that it takes time to build that nest egg, and 2) Little things add up! Such as…

This year’s Best Picture Oscar winner “Birdman” is an EXCELLENT movie, but I promise you that you don’t need to see it on the big screen! So, don’t spend $20 for you and your honey. Wait a month and pay $1.65 at Redbox!

And, of course, you have your daily coffee out, your daily Mountain Dew out, your daily Snickers. It’s pretty easy to cut those costs in half by bringing those goodies from home.

Or, take the plunge and start an automatic-deduction plan from your paycheck. Start small, see how it goes, and ramp it up if you can.

The thing is, we have GOT to start saving more. Individually, as a family, as a country. It just makes sense. Read the article for more ideas, HERE. Are these good ideas? Do you have any savings tricks up your sleeve? Let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page!