March (Retail) Madness!

introEverybody knows that there are certain things you buy  – and certain things you avoid – in certain months. Many people (like ME) have no clue what those things are, though. So here is your buying (and avoiding) guide for March, with a load of links so you know we’re not making it up!

In general, what are the good buys for March? Things like cleaning supplies and home fragrances (for the Spring Cleaners among us!) Frozen food (March is Frozen Food Month, because there is a month for everything!) Anything to do with travel, because we are sick of sitting in the house all winter. Last year’s electronics. Post-Valentines (but pre-Easter!) chocolate, and on and on.

Now for your linking pleasure, here is the rundown from sources across the fruited plain. Enjoy, and have a great weekend (shopping, of course!)

And if you have a favorite March buy, let us know over at the MindField Online Facebook page!