A Time to Spend, A Time to Save

6870888815_24c39c51f3It’s an age-old consumer dilemma: price vs. value. Should you spend more for better stuff, or Just Save? The answer is Yes. It depends on the item. Some, you shouldn’t fear paying more for. Others, you shouldn’t bother. Here, consumer warriors MoneyTalksNews.com sorts things out!

Don’t Fear…

  • Furniture. Built well, it will eventually pay for itself in comfort – and in not having to go back to the furniture store for a long, long time!
  • Electronics. Just because you CAN buy a DVD player for $30 doesn’t mean you should!
  • Paper towels. This makes sense. When you use the good ones, you use fewer of them and get the job done faster!
  • Shoes. As with all things shoe-value related, it might help to be a person who is not shoe-obsessed, i.e., a dude. Anyhoo…I have a $95 pair of shoes I bought in 2005 that are still going strong. You just have to maintain them.
  • Swimsuits. Buy 3 cheapies at the beach store, and 2 will be dead by Labor Day. Or, spend a little for value!

Don’t Bother…

  • Food staples. There are all kinds of foods people just feel better spending more for. Milk, sugar and flour shouldn’t be on that list. Just get the cheapest, and use your coupons!
  • Basic clothing. I had this weird epiphany when I was walking into Walmart and I realized that everything I was wearing came from there. Then, I got over it.
  • Books. Remember these? Even though I like books, I have never in my life paid $30 for a new hardback. Garage sales baby!
  • HDMI cables. I made this mistake. This is the cable that connects things like Xbox and Roku to your HDTV. They WANT you to get the $25 cable, but the $7 one will usually suffice.

There is a lot more rationale at the original article, so check it out. How about you? Will you spend for some things and not for others? Let us know at the MindField Online Facebook page!

3 thoughts on “A Time to Spend, A Time to Save”

  1. Love this post; it’s so true. I will also add that spending a bit more for good outerwear (jackets, heavy winter coats) is very worth it! Wait for the off-season, try to anticipate needs (especially when buying for kids), and you can get some good deals for quality merchandise.

  2. i will spend money on high quality items . i have learned through the years that there are some things that it is not worth sacrificing quality to save a buck . in the long run it can cost more to spend less now. power tools is a good example . i am a general contractor and i use my tools everyday all day. i buy brands like dewalt,makita, porter cable, Bosch just to name a few. a prime example would be a circular saw. i paid well over $100 for my saw and have used it at least 3 days a week for the last 5 years . i could buy a $30 saw and it would last only a few months and not perform nearly as well as my more expensive saw . i would likely have to buy 5 or 10 cheaper saws more to get the same amount of use i get from just 1 high end saw.
    on the other side of the coin , i think movies and cd’s are way over priced for the amount of usage they provide . i just do not see the point of paying $20 or more to buy a disc so i can watch a movie a couple times then have it collect dust in a collection . it really just takes a little common sense to figure out how much value there is in a product and rationalize it usage versus price .

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