Your Favorite Brands!

a992-cup-man-trophy-1292-pOf 2012, anyway. Every year, polling firm YouGov does their Brand Index. Here are your favorite consumer brands of 2012, with dumb commentary by yours truly:

1. Subway: #1 for the 3rd straight year, it’s believed that Subway’s use of NFL stars and Olympic champs in the ads led to their top ranking. I wonder if the ridiculous footlongs-that-are-only-11-inches-long “controversy” will hurt their score next year?

2. Amazon: As we noted a few posts ago, my only complaint about Amazon is that they ship your item in a box big enough for 15 of that item. Otherwise, they offer a good product, decent price, and on-time delivery. As for their high rating, the Kindle’s popularity – and the fact that Kindle is basically an Amazon-delivery device, has certainly helped.

3. Cheerios: Cheerios moved up 2 spots from last year, possibly based on the addition of 2 new flavors: Dulce de Leche and Peanut Butter Multi Grain. Next year’s flavors include Barbecue, Sour Cream ‘n’ Chive and Habańero X-Treem.

4. History Channel: History Channel – I’m sorry – “History!” always seems to make the Top 10. This year, “Hatfields and McCoys” with Kevin Costner seems to be the driver here. Sorry, but I soured on History after sitting through a “Swamp People” marathon at my mother-in-law’s house at Thanksgiving. So, a title card at the beginning that says “People have been making their living in the swamp for 300 years” makes it History? Pass.

5. Lowe’s: I hate having to walk 2 miles to buy a pack of screws, and it annoys me that they have dedicated IN and OUT doors so that there is never a truly convenient parking spot. Other than that, great store. Lowe’s moved up a spot this year, believed to be due to the fact that their people all carry iPhones and iPads, and can answer your questions, like, NOW.

6. Ford: Interesting. The Ford Focus is so strong right now that Ford is advertising them as the Focus – without “Ford.” Personally, I cheered Ford when they ran the ad that said, “We didn’t accept the bailout!” …only to see them pull the ad 10 minutes later. There’s no politics in car ads, apparently 🙂

7. Target: With remodeled stores and a strong rewards program, Target moved up from #9 last year. Good for them, but I felt the big grocery expansion was only so-so, with prices that Wal-Mart beats every day. And I HATED their Christmas ads (the guy and girl carolers shaming the dad. Blech.)

8. Kindle: Yep, when your 74-year-old mom has a kindle, it’s officially arrived. Kindle has the #1, 2 and 3 best-selling products on Amazon worldwide.

9. YouTube: Two words: “Gangnam Style.” The most-watched internet video of all time. Thanks, Korea! (hashtag: #killmenow)

10. Google: Still Top 10, but a big stumble from #4 last year. Worries about user privacy, and the fact the Google+ is kind of lame, have hurt. But they have gone all-in with Android, and Google Maps for iOS was a big hit, so they are strengthening their presence across a variety of platforms.

What do you think? Are some of your favorites here? Who did they miss? Who shouldn’t be here? Let us know, and have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Your Favorite Brands!”

  1. Seriously! Who did they poll to get this list? I might have said maybe one or two brands on this list, but the rest?

  2. Subway is awesome. I didn’t know they were awesome to so many consumers. Good for them. As long as they stay out of politics. I’ll be a customer.
    I’m not a swamp people fan either…lol you poor thing having to suffer through a day of that.
    As for Ford. “Personally, I cheered Ford when they ran the ad that said, “We didn’t accept the bailout!” We did also.
    Also sick of political correctness!!!!!
    We are a Ford family. We have owned 3 to date. I will probably never have a Focus though. I’d feel like I was in a sardine can. Not that I knock them. Go for it.
    And I agree with panzfast. Competition is very good. We wished for a Walmart Super Center for years. Hoping to give our small town grocery stores competition. It did! Biting us in the butt now. Walmart has decided to now carry less products. So we will have less choices of brands at our Walmart. And to top it all. They are going to stop selling guns and ammunition. Now that makes me mad!!!
    I wonder if they will stop selling ice picks, knives, spoons, forks, baseball bats ect because our President thinks they are harmful to American’s.
    Love to shop in Target and Lowes. Have seen the commercial with the ipad help for customer service. I know it came at a price though. I have family and friends that work there and they took their commissions. And there are less people working. So good luck finding someone with an ipad to help you.
    YAY for Cheerios moving up 2 spots from last year.
    “Next year’s flavors include Barbecue, Sour Cream ‘n’ Chive and Habańero X-Treem.” EWWW lol
    As for Kindle, I’m 55 and still don’t have one. I don’t know if I’ll ever have one. I like the new ones. Just don’t know if it’s worth the money. Yes I’m behind the times and you may call me skeptical. I’d say I’m more of a saver than a spender.

  3. Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style
    Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style
    Oppa is Gangnam style

    Eh- Sexy Lady, Oppa is Gangnam style
    Eh- Sexy Lady oh oh oh oh

    Now that it is stuck in your head!!

    My family has the Nook so not sure about the Kindle one…do shop Amazon so agree on that.

    What is up with Lowe’s and parking???? that is SOOOOO iriitating!!

    1. Lowes has really declined in there quality and there site is terrible to say the least. i am a general contractor and really dread going there to shop these days .

      i also noticed that Walmart did not make the list ! all i can say is
      GOOD ! they are becoming a glorified dollar store .
      their ethics and quality have declined and they are in trouble with the american shoppers

      Amazon is really a good company , but i have noticed recent changes that are starting to make me look around more . i think their guarantee is their biggest attribute .

      Subway sells food that is good for you and they do their own thing , i use them alot

      Cheerios speaks for itself . who doesn’t like Cheerios ?
      hats off to General Mills , they put out high quality products acroos all their brands

      Cambells is one of my favorites as well they make high quality products and they contribute to communitys

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