Wait…Tattoos are PERMANENT?

Call it a sign of the times. Doctors are reporting a rise in patients seeking tattoo removal… in order to improve their chances of employment!

Tattoo removal is up 32% over the last year, according to The Patient Guide, a website comprised of 25 skincare publications.  The site reports that many of the patients say they’re undergoing the treatment for employment-related reasons.  NY Daily News

Either it’s college grads regretting their youthful ink, or it’s older people who have been laid off and looking for new jobs. The offending ink is often at the wrist or neck.

One doc is seeing 20 (!) patients a day. And it ain’t cheap! Tattoo removal can take up to 10 sessions, at $200 a pop.

I have to say, of all the things we can tell kids right now, in this horrible job environment, avoiding the ink is near the top! What do YOU think? Reasonable? Or dumb, old-fashioned prejudice?

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One thought on “Wait…Tattoos are PERMANENT?”

  1. I think getting tattoos is okay (I have 2).I find some tattoo art is tasteful and beautiful and of course some are not. I have had several conversations with my children and other teens about locations..they really need to chose very wisely about where they want their tattoo because it is permanent. And that they need to be sure what type of career they want because some employers really frown at noticeable skin art.So my suggestion to them is to wait until they really know what they want to do..so they don’t regret their choices later..it’s also very costly to have them removed.

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