The Need for Speed!

Take it from Speed Racer, Racer X, Chim-Chim and the gurus at MindField Online – faster is better!

On that note, we have just finalized a major upgrade that increases our bandwith by 15 times our previous speed. (15Mbps down/ 43Mbps up, to be precise.) The major benefit is that we can serve content faster to more people at the same time.

Previously, if we had a large number of respondents taking a media-heavy survey all at once, things could slow down a bit. You may or may not have noticed, but WE did! So it was time to upgrade.

You may not be “the fastest man alive in your powerful Mach 5” but, ideally, this upgrade means we are providing the best services available for our members to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Meanwhile, we think we have the Facebook/MindField link-up procedure licked… for now. This has been frustrating – for you and for us! We had a nice protocol going, and then Facebook made changes. They do that a LOT. It affects everything from their apps to the game interactions and more. And they provide no ongoing support.

So, for now, we believe we have done all we can to fix all of the noticeable problems related to the automated Facebook login…but the next set of changes are always around the corner! We’ll stay on top of it, and your help would be appreciated. When something doesn’t work correctly, drop us a line at and give us the details!

7 thoughts on “The Need for Speed!”

  1. thank you for the HU on this .its to bad that Facebook couldnt take lessons from you on how to communicate with there

  2. I am so happy that I found you on the internet! I enjoy doing surveys and knowing that I am NOT wasting my time! I will be a member for as long as you are around!! I am always looking to make some extra cash while being home with my son. Thank you very much!
    I am wondering how to do the product testing?

    1. thanks for your nice comments summer! there aren’t really any tricks to getting product tests. in general, there are WAY more surveys than product tests. but, if you fit the profile a client is after, you’ll get a product to test sooner or later!

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