2012 Prices: the Flip Side

That Art-school Education is Really Paying Off!

Last time we looked at the products and services that will be coming down in price this year, according to DealNews.com. Now, the less-good news. They also took a look at a few prices expected to go up in 2012. Here is a (sarcastic) peek:

  • Airfare: Increased demand, fewer seats and new fees and taxes here and in Europe. And don’t count on getting the “whole can” of Sprite anymore, either!
  • New cameras: Specifically, the fully loaded high-end ones. The basic models are being crowded out by smartphones, so the manufacturers are looking elsewhere.
  • Food at home: While eating in is almost always cheaper, the rate of food inflation is higher at home than in the restaurant – because the restaurant can offset inflation with liquor sales without passing the cost on to you. Moral: get a liquor license for your home! J/k
  • Local Fees: Don’t you wish that when you were broke, you could tax everybody around you? Well, the city can!!
  • Gasoline: Here in SC, it was $3.85 in the spring, down to $2.95 before the Holidays. Now, $3.29 and heading higher! Good thing I filled all my milk jugs when it was cheap!
  • Shipping: USPS, FedEx and UPS are all going up, in case you thought you could beat gas prices by mailing yourself to Hawaii.

There are MANY more examples in the article. Check it out! Then, do yourself a favor and re-read about the prices that will go down, just to brighten your mood.

Anyway, how about you? How are these affecting your family? What ways are you cutting back?


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  1. I think things will be unsettled this year because it is an election year. I am looking for deals, coupons, discount codes and trying to cut back in every way I can to save money. I am looking forward to after the election.

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