10,000 Facebook Fans!

Well, you did it guys. We launched the MindField Online Facebook page – and this blog – in September of 2010. Now, 10 months later we hit a new milestone: 10,000 Facebook fans!!

Back in the first part of June, we noticed we had about 8,500 fans, and decided to give that number a nudge with our 10,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway. The deal is, when we hit 10K, ten lucky MindField Online panelists would we chosen to win $100 each!

Well, we hit the goal, and the drawings will be held this week! If you’re one of the lucky ones, you will receive a specific email notification.  And please be patient… no matter how awesome the prize, it can sometimes take a while for everyone to get back with us to verify everything. When we have our ten winners verified, then we will announce.

So, thanks again for your membership, your loyalty, and for telling your friends. Keep it up!!!

8 thoughts on “10,000 Facebook Fans!”

  1. AWESOME!!! It just shows what a great group we are to have so many followers!!!

  2. congrats to mfoi panels for all the new clients and hitting the 10,000 fb fans as of today. wish i could be one of the winners of the drawing. been with mindfield along time have always sung its praised earned money takeing surveys but have never been a winner in any of the drawings. good luck to all 10,000 fb fans of minefield. the 10 who win congrats ahead of time. love ya minefield. all you new mindfield clients hope you enjoy the surveys makeing money and the product testing. please be warned nebies you will not become rich, but you will have a litttle pocket change to spend. take it from some one thats been with minefield along long time and knows. you are with the best survey company there is out there. there help staff is fantastic. nerver difficult to work with. got nothing but love for um. sincerely martha knotts pittman. have a blessed day.

    1. thanks martha.”having fun, sharing your opinions and making a little extra spending money” is what it’s all about. we appreciate that you “get it” and shared your thoughts.

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